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I’m a lifelong “sasquatch” enthusiast who researched these creatures a bit when I was in my teens before the internet existed… garnering meager results that were the foundation for the way I continued to seek them for decades.

Then, something shifted in 2017.

I was filled with curiosity about them again… just like I was when I was a kid! I was intrigued enough that I started taking anthropology, genetics and primatology classes at the local community college. I was determined to find some grain that might help me. I also started researching them again… on the internet. Whoa! Low and behold I found a whole community of people who are a wealth of knowledge on the subject, each one providing food for thought. I started eating up information… from book recommendations, DNA studies, language analysis’, podcasts, websites and more. I found myself propelled into my curiosity via avenues I had no idea were even there!

It is now April 2018, and I feel like the vast amount (yet, SO small in the order of things) of knowledge and experience I have already garnered needs to be “cataloged” somehow… especially if I want to take in more (I’m already losing track of where I read what, as well as little bits of info I was unclear on… intending to research)! This blog is going to start out fairly sparse as it isn’t intended to be a wealth of knowledge out-the-gate, but rather to grow as I do. It also isn’t going to be entirely accurate, as these creatures have yet to be “proven,” and thus a lot of what is out there are ideas… though many are thoroughly calculated ideas, as genuine science and strategy are involved. It is also a lot of witness accounts, including any experiences I recount… all hearsay. I’ll try to weed through the information, but I am a student in all aspects. I’m just curious. So, if you want to follow along my journey, I welcome you… let’s learn about the “Forest People.”

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My Squatchy Explorations: Most Recent Field Project Entries

Rogue River–Siskiyou National Forest Area

I found a few interesting things in the forest while visiting this spring. First off I want to highlight this strange, rather short upside down stump.

A Shadow at the Treeline

Our first time exploring the Dragon’s Nest on foot, in the thick of it. We found numerous structures and may have caught one on tape.

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