“Enoch: A Bigfoot Story” by Autumn Williams

Book Description on Back:

“As a child, Autumn Williams saw two hair-covered creatures standing in the woods behind her home in Washington State. She has spent her entire adult life seeking to understand why those non-human eyes held such an expression of human-like intelligence.

What is a Sasquatch? Is it human? Animal? Or something in-between? How does Bigfoot live? How does it interact with others of its kind? And how would it interact with us? What would we learn about these creatures, if we stopped pursuing them… and they no longer avoided us?

One man would finally offer answers to those questions. He is more than a witness. He is the friend of a wild man… and he calls him Enoch”.

First off, let’s talk about the cover… are you kidding me!? This image is amazing. It’s EXACTLY what I would imagine one of the Forest People to look like… human enough to be taken aback and yet the intense eyes with no visible sclera, the broad nose and extremely large mouth, the crinkle at the bridge of the nose and hair pattern are so evocative of something… more. I am in love with this image. I frequently find myself just gazing at it. Can you imagine?!?!

Now, let’s talk about the author, Autumn Williams. I didn’t know anything about her before reading this book. There are hints as to her past endeavors throughout it. To me, the book felt like it too frequently went into her history as the star of a cable TV show, and the drama that ensued from that. She is another person recounting tales of the Sasquatch community, and hers aren’t super pleasant either. I am going to leave that there, for more on my thoughts regarding this, check out my post My Initial Impression of the Sasquatch Enthusiast Community. To me, all the side-lining from the story detracted a bit… it was almost like reading two books at once, one about Autumn Williams and one about Enoch and Mike. That said, ALL of it was informative… I shall keep both possibly viable categories of information in the back of my mind… heeding information about the human culture around the Forest People as well as insights into Sasquatch biology and nature.

And finally, the story! First off, it seems strange that after all that time with them, Mike ( the main character) isn’t able to get one bit of evidence; not saliva, hair… anything! That part makes me a bit skeptical. Especially when he was supposedly able to get photos once, but then they are stolen? If that worked, why didn’t he just do that again? And, I still don’t get how he kept pace with a Sasquatch for miles through alligator infested, waste deep water. That said if we focus on his story and view it as truth… Holy cow! It’s amazing! There are so many bits of information I keep thinking about, for example;

There are many references that the Forest People have language, and this is one of them. Speech! That’s incredible. We know that Homo neanderthalensis had speech as there has been a hyoid bone found in the fossil record (you only have a hyoid bone if you have language), and I suspect that Homo heidelbergensis also had speech, but I have nothing to back that up. Now, I have no idea what these creatures are… though I suspect they could be coming off of a branch somewhere earlier along the Homo line, possibly interbreeding with the later Homo neanderthalensis or even us sapiens (the two sapiens lines)… I believe they are a human species. I find it interesting that he uses the word “Enoch” so much, as there is also a strong group within the community who believe that the Forest People are the Nephilim from the Book of Enoch in the Bible, which is controversial on several levels including its removal from the bible. I don’t know much about this; it is also something I need to become more familiar with in depth. I don’t know what it talks about in the Book of Enoch, nor do I know what the big debate surrounding it is regarding or who the Nephilim are exactly… yet. At any rate, there is also this video on YouTube with audio of a Sasquatch saying “Enoch.” This video is worth watching all the way through as he points out quite a few interesting things… including the fact that the video is created ten years before the book and the encounters are 10,000 miles away, yet the same word is used in both. That’s interesting to me. The video is created by M.K. Davis, whom I gather is a notable member of the community by everyone’s reaction to him. From observation of his interaction with others, he seems nice and very genuine. From videos on YouTube, he strikes me as a down to earth, logical guy.

The main character, Mike, also talks about travel and gathering patterns. He indicates an area where multiple Forest People live. He goes into burial of the dead, food preferences, behaviors of all kinds… even down to the Sasquatch children being a bit afraid of him, the human, and daring one another to touch him. An absolutely fascinating story!! I loved the way Mike depicted these creatures, almost as if they are ferocious & feared as well as being gentle giants. Overall, I think this is a great read… you’ll enjoy it whether you believe it is truth or not, as it contains many interesting bits of information, but it’s also an incredible story! I enjoyed it!

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