“A Field Guide to Sasquatch Structures: The 50 Most Common Types in North American Forests” by Christopher Noël

Book Description on Back:

“For centuries, we have come across striking and consistent stick and tree structures in the forest, especially in areas with a long history of Sasquatch encounters. Yet until now, no field guide has existed to catalog and present these remarkable formations for quick and easy reference.

Sasquatch is a higher primate (like us) with a large brain, capable hands, and plenty of time to use them. As our evolutionary next of kin, this species, too, naturally manipulates its environment in distinctive and impressive ways. But instead of building cities, universities, machines, or writing books, symphonies, or computer code, they simply express their creative intelligence otherwise.

Using this valuable resource—graced with Zoe Christiansen’s pen-and-ink illustrations—you’ll be equipped to recognize characteristic themes and variations with a trained eye. It’s your key to a higher level of insight into the mind and personality of these fellow humans”. 

I thought this book was awesome. The only two things I would have done differently would have been to include actual photos of these types of structures in addition to or instead of drawings, and I would have included a bit about what each structure is speculated to represent (something I am still trying to figure out). It’s a relatively quick read, but one I have gone back to a few times already. A strong advantage to its size is that it is easy to pack along while you get familiar with things. I think it’s a great addition to any Forest Peoples research collection! Christopher Noël strikes me as a notable member of the community and he has also authored numerous other books on this species. I have spoken to him several times, and though brief, I have to say that he is a very intelligent and kind man. Good book, good guy!

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