My Initial Impression of the Sasquatch Enthusiast Community

I had no idea that there was a community around these creatures, but there is, and it’s intense! I am not super big with “online”… and until recently I hadn’t even considered searching information on the web about them. Wow, is there a ton! And with that comes a LOT of opinions and judgment. I am not quite sure what to make of it, what I do know is that people seem to get downright vicious with one another… in ways that go WAY beyond the computer screen, into the truly scary. No joke, it gets VERY serious.

I have just been taking it all in from the sidelines… and it seems there are some notable members of the community I really should have SOME information on, but I don’t understand who is who yet. The community all seem to know of one another, even down to what they saw and when, and they DO have opinions on others experiences… it’s fascinating, overwhelming and a bit concerning as I don’t like drama. I also have no patience for “clicks.”

It seems so strange to me, as you’d think these people would all band together with the common focus of the Forest People. But, it isn’t a bunch of people who all believe the same thing exists and they get together and share ideas, supporting one another. It’s quite the opposite as there seems to be extreme conflict over many things. In fact, I get a bit lost in it all, and thus I’m still trying to figure it out! A big portion of my lack of understanding is that I really don’t want to understand the drama. I just don’t care. Some people believe they are capable of certain things; others don’t. Some people support particular enthusiasts (or “researchers”), others think they are full of hogwash. I could go on… it’s exhausting. The biggest issue for me is that very few seem to be able to disagree with respect. So, I am trying to learn, but I struggle within myself over it. I know I should probably grasp “who is who” and the big evidence pieces over the years.

I am not sure why this culture exists within the community, nor do I have any ideas on how to change it (because I don’t understand it). That said, I wish it were different! Hopefully, this blog will not only serve the purpose of being my record but also provide an avenue for others who are curious to learn what is out there without all the drama.

I’m just not sure what I believe in order to take a firm stance on anything. I am a beginning student, to say the least. So, for now, I don’t think I will have much to do with the established community, short of sitting on the sidelines and observing what I can.

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