A Helpful Group of Enthusiasts

Yesterday I posted a question to an online Facebook group built around Nathan Reo (Utah Sasquatch), who is a notable member of the Sasquatch enthusiasts community, about the usefulness of thermal imaging units. Considering they work with infrared energy and I know there is mounting conviction among the community that Forest People can see infrared, I wasn’t sure how effective they truly are. They indicated they are very instrumental… I am assuming that may have something to do with the device detecting infrared energy instead of emitting it, but I really don’t know. At any rate, when I explained the situation, they asked to see the video of my potential sighting.

I have to say, of the groups I’ve been standing on the sidelines of, this group has been the one that talks the least shit about other community members… though there has been talk of “spy infiltration” which I’m not certain what that is regarding, I can surmise. So, while there seems to be a bit of drama, it appears to stem from outside sources. I also find them very helpful, supportive and informative. They clued me into the concepts of “parallax” and “pareidolia,” which I hadn’t heard. They also encouraged me to go back to the same spot and try to mimic the situation and angles as closely as possible to see if either of these were at play. We are anxious to do this, and I think it’s a great idea.

This group is the one I have bonded with the closest… though I would not say I am truly close with any of them. They seem a bit guarded to me, and I sense that is because I am new… perhaps the “spy infiltration” has something to do with that? Or maybe they grow tired of teaching “newbies”? I can’t tell yet.

Either way, I am very grateful for the help and direction. I DO have to say how rewarding it would be to have friends that are “into” this as much as I am… my wife is very supportive, but this isn’t her thing. Meaning she doesn’t listen to accounts, research ideas, read books, watch videos, etc. but, she will go with me into the woods so that I am not alone while I look (I’m a bit of a pansy still… I want company while I’m out there). I think it’d be fun to have a friend, or friends, who were learning with me or even teaching me… I guess I want someone to share enthusiasm AND experiences. But I don’t know that I want it badly enough to get all tied up in the drama, especially when I DO have an unbelievably supportive wife who is willing to explore with me.

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