Sasquatch Chronicles, Episode 433 – “They Made Themselves Known”

Last night I got a chance to listen to some more of the Sasquatch Chronicles podcast (, starting off with Episode 433, titled “They Made Themselves Known” from May 13 2018.

The woman he interviews is Connie. This is Connie’s email to Wes Germer:
“In 2007 we purchased 5 acres overlooking the Illinois River in eastern Oklahoma. We built a home and used it on weekends and holidays.

As soon as the home had windows and doors we would camp out inside during the construction. Odd activity started, we would hear odd knocking in the forest across the street, newly installed drain pipe broken, saw blades found at the bottom if the slope. We dismissed it all. We moved in full time around 2012.

Family would visit often, we often sat around a fire pit after dark and make smores, watch the stars ect. We would hear knocking from the forest across the road and one night something came around behind us and started a human like long moan/yell that ended in a owl sound. We dismissed it all. We went on to buy 5 acres next door and built a guest house. 2 years ago we bought the 29 acres across the street and May 2016 decided to open the river view and move a small guest house onto the property. That is when “they” made themselves known in a big way.

We moved our disabled daughter into the guest house and she started calling us in the middle of the night saying someone was hitting her bedroom wall. There was a lot of noise coming from the 29 acres at this point. Tree snaps, metalic banging. We assumed it was kids, homeless people ect, and decided to stake out the guest house and new cabin in the woods with recorders and game cameras. I captured “whoops” and was able to get David Ellis of the Olympic project to verify it was “traditional suspicious vocals”. The next 4 months I collected hours of audio…some language…singing, mocking me calling my dog and a young vocalizer speaking a language.

I have a close up picture of a small creature as it passes close, the camera was moved. Too many stories to go into here, but the end result was we sold the main house, the 29 acres will close May 22. We only own the guest house, We moved back to the city and only my husband goes there now. I have tried to share my story, some audio, pictures on 2 different forums…decided that was not going to be worth my time. I am still searching for a way to share this very long story and evidence, I just need it to be taken seriously. We actually moved because of the things and it changed my life forever. I have seen them in pictures…I go out of my way not to have contact….but I have the audio and pictures, that’s enough for me. If you are interested in studying the audio or pictures let me know.”

To listen to the podcast, please click here.

This was an incredible episode to me, in large part due to the way Connie told her story. I feel it is the truth. Though, it is difficult for me to believe. I also listened to another episode where Wes talks with Timothy Renner (Episode 434, titled “Strange Lights in the Woods” – also an excellent episode) and in it, they both talk about how when they started exploring Sasquatch, they both truly believed it was a primate. They talk about how beginners believe that until they begin to experience some genuinely bizarre stuff, like Connie. Perhaps I am just that, a beginner. But I do believe they are a primate, maybe a relic hominoid. At any rate, I don’t know how to explain some things, but I do believe they are a natural and biological creature.

That said, this interview has me pondering a few things. First, I want to get a parabolic dish… why have I never thought of that? Sometimes we hear distant things, and it would be amazing to hear them better. I don’t know that we would haul it around mountainsides with us, but in fixed locations (campsites, cabins, etc.) it could be hugely instrumental. Brilliant!

Connie strikes me as very similar to myself… she is a self-defined “chicken,” yet clearly curious. She definitely got better results with her cameras than I have gotten with mine though (visit the link, and you can view some intriguing ones). I love that she turned to a Native American “Researcher” for help. He is a Cherokee man who explains that his tribe believes they are both an animal and a spirit. He advised her to respect their boundaries, which brings me to the second thing I’ve been pondering. We had resigned ourselves to explore some of the massive structures we found a couple of weeks ago but then last night I heard this podcast and what the researcher had to say as far as respecting them, and their “home,” makes a lot of sense. I wouldn’t want another creature coming into my house and looking through things, messing them up, moving or removing elements, breaking parts of my home. It would make me very angry actually… and perhaps that’s precisely why they got a little aggressive with Connie, after all, she clear-cut and bulldozed their home. If I am looking to interact with the Forest People, I don’t want to offend or anger them. In addition to that, she spoke of seeing numerous creatures on four legs, and while it was unclear to me if they appeared to have the bulk and size of a sasquatch on all fours, what if they do travel on all fours as well as bipedally? It would explain why they don’t fully extend their legs in gait. If they were to do that, they might also have additional muscles that are disappearing or have disappeared from our bodies due to walking solely bipedally, like sternalis which would aid in swift four-legged running by contracting the upper body inferiorly in a pulling motion and plantaris which would assist in flexion of the knee? I keep circling back to this idea, that they may not always walk bipedally, and I’m not sure why. Then again, these could have been entirely different creatures that somehow accompany the Forest People… similar to the way many report orbs of light. What do I know?

The third thing she spoke of that I have been pondering was that she kept hearing mechanical, metallic, and robot-like sounds. I thought this was super interesting as we have heard something that sounds mechanical and loud… literally like a train running down a mountainside in the middle of no-where. To this day that sound stays with us… there was just no explanation! It happened in 2013, and we still don’t have any ideas. Now, I am going to add that noise to our possible “sasquatch” noises mental file after listening to her account. Just fascinating! I feel for her; I can’t imagine having to live next to a clan of very angry Forest People, 24-7. I feel slightly drained even thinking about it!

Anyway, it’s a truly incredible show; you could listen to any episode and find it fascinating. Wes Germer is another individual I would consider to be an extremely notable member of the Sasquatch enthusiast community. His show, his style… full of genuine curiosity and respect, is phenomenally well done. I admire him tremendously and wish there were more like him out there.

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