The Dragon’s Nest


The Dragon’s Nest is an area I have frequented for many decades… and we have had numerous things happen that let us KNOW that there is a creature out in the woods… and it isn’t just a black bear. We have heard something circling us (and it sounded bipedal), we’ve heard thunderous cracks of timber (not like a small branch), we have seen the dark shadow of something tall hovering at the tree line at night. We even had two friends tell us that they saw one at the edge of the woods, rocking from side to side one night. Neither of us will ever forget the evening we heard the strangest noise coming from this area of the property… it was intensely loud in the stillness. One second sounding like a large animal repeatedly and forcefully exhaling a vast amount of air and then the next moment sounded very mechanical (almost like a train – yes, it was THAT loud and forceful). It went on for well over 20 minutes! I frequently see green flashes of light that span the horizon (I’ll note that I can be in a large group and no-one else will see it except my father and my buddy “R,” and they definitely see it at the same moment I do). One night, “R,” and I had something loudly charge us extremely fast from the Dragon’s Nest (about 120 feet away). I have been trying to replay WHAT about it was loud and I don’t even remember!! I knew it was coming straight for us, but I don’t know what sound gave me that impression. We were barely able to run 12 feet to safety, and I mean by the hair of our teeth… it was FAST (Course “R,” being the guy of foresight that he is, quickly turned back mid-run to secure the fire torches and then rejoined me in the nick of time). We then sat and listened to it walking around outside, but we were never able to see it through the window. To top it off, we ended up seeing a firefly that night… in Utah! It was also a bright glowing green similar to the horizon flashes, which I thought was slightly odd. I don’t know… it’s a stunningly beautiful place; rich with conifers and a sprinkle of aspen, sage, red dogwood and wildflowers everywhere. The land is filled with animals ranging from Elk to Beaver. Clear lakes, rivers, streams, and springs flow through the earth. Bright blue skies change to spectacular star filled astronomical views when the sun goes down. The forest stretches like this for miles upon miles, as far as the eye can see in every direction. It is Eden, it is magical. Sometimes though, it gets extraordinarily intriguing, odd and downright scary up there. Despite, and to a great deal because of, all this… it is my favorite place in the world. I have so many stories, but rather than recount those, I’m going to focus on documenting future ones, here.

Have I ever seen a Sasquatch? No (At least at the time of writing this… I hope that changes).

But something has told me they are at this spot for YEARS. Which, I should also mention, is extremely remote. You have to travel along a relatively bare highway for an extensive length, then a dirt road for miles and miles into the timberland. It is all BLM and privately owned land with a few cabins here and there. I have tried tree banging, leaving food, call blasting, night vision equipped trail cameras… you name it. Well, at the starting of this blog I have just stumbled upon a large group of Sasquatch enthusiasts who believe in going out into the woods and searching for them. They advocate looking for tree structures, exploring specific areas (near water sources, on the N and NE facing forests, along the military crests of mountain ridges, etc.), and utilizing Google Earth to locate potential areas. I am excited to apply these principles here… though a bit nervous as this is bear and cougar country, and SOMETHING else is out there. Here is a journal of my continued exploration of this area.

A Shadow at the Treeline

Our first time exploring the Dragon’s Nest on foot, in the thick of it. We found numerous structures and may have caught one on tape.

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