A Shadow at the Treeline

On the weekend of 05-05-18 to 05-06-18 we decided to head to the Dragon’s Nest and venture out into the thick of the woods, off the path, employing new methods we had learned from Utah Sasquatch’s YouTube Channel. This way of trying to establish their reality was very different from what we had done before, as most of what we have tried involved taking some sort of action (tree banging, call blasting, etc.) and then waiting in camp through the night. We definitely had strange occurrences utilizing our older methods, but nothing definitive. Because of the strange occurrences beforehand, we are both thoroughly convinced that something is out there, WHAT it is we were unsure of at that point. Thus, we were a bit apprehensive but decided to head out with bear spray in tow and try out a couple of different pieces of equipment, including a still camera, a 360° sound recorder and a chest mounted action camera. Before we had even headed up, I had utilized Google Earth to identify a few areas we wanted to check out.

We had a lot of fun, and we found a couple of interesting areas. We found downed trees stacked higher than we are tall, in random appearing fashion, yet the entire massive circular structure was at least 70 feet in circumference. I found that interesting as chimps and bonobos have circular territories comprised of an outer circle and an inner circle. We also found a “funnel” type structure where the top edges branched from two natural springs and the lower edges exited in what literally looked like a doorway at the bottom (about 4-5 feet wide). The entire “funnel” had a shape like this \ /, each “wall” was approximately 35 feet long, and it was not neatly stacked. We also found; sticks lined up in neat rows, multiple “X” formations, horizontal branches and trees hung up in other trees and branches, numerous trees snapped off at about 7 feet height, fallen trees that had broken from the base with no base anywhere nearby, dense and thickly stacked trees, what appeared to be dead trees standing vertical or leaning into other trees and yet we could lift them out of the soil a few inches (there were no roots in the soil… the trees had been jammed down hard enough to hold them up, and they had been there long enough the ground looked undisturbed at the base), and a freshly downed tree that had about a 5 ft “bed” at the base where something had sat for quite a while eating the roots. I thought that was of particular interest as we know that primates eat trees for medicinal purposes and because it is rich in sodium (a vital electrolyte).

While we were exploring these areas we felt relatively safe with little fear, we did not hear anything or suspect that they were near. We knew we had potentially found a good area that they were utilizing, that was it. After we were home for about a week, I began to question things I had remembered about the funnel and pulled up the videos to refresh my memory on certain aspects. As I was watching the videos, I noticed the dark thing move behind us and though it is nothing conclusive (what we have isn’t going to convince anyone), it was enough to seal everything in our minds. We can’t wait to go back and explore further with proper shoes and without our 14-year-old chihuahua in tow.

Goals for next trip:

  1. Explore the funnel interior
  2. Explore the circular perimeter
  3. Examine the area where the shadow moves in the video – could it be something else?
  4. Get good still photos of the structures (walls, “X”‘s, snags and snares, lined up sticks)
  5. Leave the sound recorder overnight
  6. Leave gifts nearby and see what happens

Lessons learned this trip:

  1. Our dog either needs to be left behind or we need to get a puppy-papoose for her
  2. The sound recorder is a pain in the ass to hike and explore with
  3. The chest cam ROCKS… so easy and effective:
    We need to figure out how to set the date/time on the chest cam as well as brightness and we need MANY more SD cards for the chest camera.
  4. I need to check into a thermal unit.
  5. We need to create a small backpack with basic supplies (axe, first aid kit, flashlight, etc)
  6. I need to find and get familiar with video editing software… something that can create a still image from a video, circle a portion of what is being viewed, copy and clip portions of a film, and slow portions down.

Here are the two videos with content I’d like to keep record of:

Part 1: You can see the “bed” at the base of the freshly tipped tree at moment 7:43 – 8:14. Then, we swear we see something dark at moment 8:44 – 8:54 move behind a tree (to the L of the screen and back in the tree line). Shortly after that moment, H saw what she later described as a black figure in the forest. But it was so quick she chalked it up to her brain playing tricks on her… you can see her react to it at moment 9:54 through the end of this clip and into the start of Part 2. She quickly diverts her attention, staring, and then utters a sharp “shhhh” to me as she waits for her ears to confirm what her eyes just saw. Both take place in the same general area of the treeline. Note: if you watch this on YouTube’s site, you can control the speed and slow it down (I didn’t know you could do that until H showed me… pretty cool, so I thought I’d share).
05-19-17 Update: It has been brought to my attention that this may be do to parallax and pareidolia.

Part 2: This video picks up where part one ends (The chest camera records multiple clips in fragments, one picking up where the last left off). In this video, there is some documentation of a giant downed tree “funnel,” with the upper distal sides coming from two natural water springs, and the lower medial ends coming together into a “doorway.”